You don’t have to be a sailor to be one of us!

Volunteers ensure the tall ships’ visits are a success –whether it’s posting flyers, organizing local media coverage, or offering supplies to keep the crew and vessels healthy. Become a Volunteer today!


Port Officer

A Port Officer is a designated local ambassador for the tall ships. Port Officers help spread the word to local businesses and schools, and also collaborate to develop special events. Certain time commitments are required and work with be supervised by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport staff.


Share information about our volunteer sailing program Two Weeks Before the Mast and our professional maritime training program The Seafarer Collective. Students and experienced tall ship sailors are especially encouraged to serve as recruiters.


Spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and teachers that Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain are coming. You can connect with our social media team to create Facebook events for tall ship sailing programs. Members of local service organizations and boating organizations are especially encouraged to volunteer.


Offer a ride. We regularly need vehicles in port for grocery runs, laundry, and visits to the marine supply store. If you can offer a ride, a long term parking space, or have a vehicle you can loan, let us know.


High quality photos and videos of the tall ships and our programs. If you can donate images and footage of Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain for us to use on our website and communications, please reach out to us. Professionals preferred, please no photos of sailing passengers.

Care Packages

Offer gifts and supplies for our tall ship crews. We have an ongoing need for various cleaning and health items as well as shore services. Click here for a list of the donated items we most appreciate. Our crews also love homemade treats and local goods, with gluten free options as well.

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