Don’t take just any field trip, take a journey back in time!

Join Grays Harbor Historical Seaport on the high seas by participating in our beloved maritime heritage education program, Voyage of Explorers.


Grays Harbor Historical Seaport offers a learning opportunity which cannot be replicated in any classroom! Your class will board one of our amazing vessels and be guided by our crew through distinct learning stations on the history of Pacific exploration and trade. Every year, thousands of young people in nearly 40 West Coast ports take part in our Voyage of Explorers aboard Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. Will your students be next?

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What Students Learn


Students learn of the long-term impacts of the early Pacific-American trade and the complex relationships 18th century mariners built with other Nations.


Students learn the information and instruments navigators need to move toward their destination, even without known landmarks.

Life of a Sailor

Students discover the foods, tasks, and pastimes that sailors used to meet their basic human needs during long voyages.


Students discover the role music plays in defining the character of a community by uniting diverse peoples around universal themes and ensuring teamwork..

Each of our Sailing Programs also includes opportunities for students to set and douse the sails, haul and coil lines, and take in the sights and sounds of the open seas. Your students will have an unforgettable experience while making connections between their own lives and the lives of 18th century mariners!

Choose the best program length for your class

Dockside (non-sailing)

1 hour in length
10 minute learning stations
$8 per person
15 person min., 43/45 person max. (HC/LW)


2 hours in length (3 hour only in Oakland and Redwood City)
15 minute learning stations, line handling, shanties
$35 per person*
15 person min., 43/45 person max. (HC/LW)
*Teachers/Chaperones limited to 6; additional adults are
charged Adventure Sail rate of $55 each


We believe every student should have the opportunity to experience our one-of-a-kind programs. The Voyage of Explorers Scholarship, funded by the Magic Cabinet Foundation, provides a robust discount on Sailing Programs for schools demonstrating financial need. All Title I public schools (+40% students receive free or reduced lunch) are eligible for an 85% reduction in per person fees for sailing programs!

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Pre-Visit Lesson Plans

Voyage of Explorers is more than just a one day experience –it’s a week long maritime heritage unit that begins in your classroom! When you book one of our programs, you will receive access to the lesson plans in our Teacher Portal, which contain daily readings, activities, and writing prompts meant to be introduced in the days before your tall ship visit. Your students will get the most out of their onboard experience by first exploring the content in our lesson plans as a foundation.

Take a look at how Voyage of Explorers aligns with the Common Core standards for Grades 4, 5, and 6.

Want to experience Voyage of Explorers but can’t make a trip to the tall ships? You can purchase access to the Teacher Portal as a standalone offering and bring maritime history to life wherever you are! Give us a call for details.


See what other teachers have to say


“My experience, and that of my students, was incredible. Thanks for bringing my history lessons to life!” – Easterbrook Discovery School, San Jose, CA

“Very engaging instruction with lots of hands-on materials and interactive learning!” – Franklin Elementary, Alameda, CA

“Rewarding and interesting. I thought the crew did a great job of including and engaging all of the kids. Well done!” – Orchard View Elementary, Sebastopol, CA

“Absolutely the best field trip we’ve ever done!” – Fossil Distance Learning School, Fossil, OR

“Excellent teachers that really activated student learning. I would definitely recommend this experience to others.” – Robert Gray Elementary, Aberdeen, WA

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