Planning Agenda
December 8th, 2018 Special Meeting

I. Review and Improve Mission Statement – The mission statement is the reason for our existence, our purpose.
a. Staff’s recommendation – Inspire and Empower Communities to Learn, Sail, Discover

II. Workshop Seaport Landing Vision Statement – The vision statement is a vivid description of how we desire to be perceived, or a vision for a project.

III. Review Survey Results/Complete Survey

IV. Define the Vision
a. Prioritize the projects to get us there
b. Consider financial impacts and options for success
c. Program review

V. Define our values – These are the guiding principles we should adopt and embrace

VI. SWOT Analysis
a. Areas of strength and weakness
b. Opportunities

VII. Set 3-5 goals – Statements that represent where resources will be focused to achieve the mission. Example: Increase membership by 25%.
a. Identify strategies – Example for membership would be establish a member retention and recruitment committee.
b. Agree upon performance measures – create a dashboard
c. Develop one-year operating plan