Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain’s beloved volunteer crew program “Two Weeks Before the Mast” is new and improved!

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport and The Seafarer Collective have collaborated to offer a new online curriculum that will ensure incoming volunteers are well prepared for their time aboard the tall ships. The new Recreational Marlinspike course, developed by Capt. Sarah Herard of Bluewater Safety LLC, will provide the foundational knowledge needed to thrive on our vessels.
With the new online course, volunteers’ time on the tall ships will be  spent applying the seamanship skills they’ve already learned, rather than scrambling to learn everything during their short stay. Now volunteers will be prepared upon arrival, ensuring that they can solidify their new knowledge through hands-on application and practice.

Have questions? Here are some FAQs about the new TWBM program:


Q. What is the Recreational Marlinspike course?

A. It is a self-paced introductory curriculum on the basics of GHHS tall ship sailing. It has all the learning objectives that TWBM has always had, plus much more.What will I learn?Skills that will be useful to know on Day 1 of your Two Weeks aboard the tall ships: knots, sail theory, safety procedures, watch standing, and docking procedures.

Q. What is this program change for?

A. We want to ensure that everyone coming aboard is fully equipped to be a productive member of the crew. The Recreational Marlinspike course will ensure Two Week volunteers have some prior knowledge about terminology, maritime skills, and expectations before stepping onto our vessels, making for a safer and more consistent educational experience.

Q. Is the course required?
A. Yes. This new online program will be a required prerequisite for joining the crew as a Two Week volunteer.
Q. How do I sign up for TWBM and Recreational Marlinspike course?
A. Interested participants will sign up through GHHS. After intake and payment, they will be directed to the course online course through The Seafarer Collective’s Eliademy page.
Q. How long is the online course?
A. The course is self-paced, but meant to be completed in about one week. After completing the course, you will still have access to these training modules for your time aboard the tall ships and beyond.
Q. What if I need help or have questions?

A. You will be working with an approved online instructor who will guide you through the program and answer any questions you may have.
Q. What happens after I complete the course?
A. After passing the course you will be contacted and invited to schedule your Two Weeks aboard the tall ships. You can schedule your volunteer time up to a year after completing the online course.
Q. What does this program cost?
A. The online course is $799. Students who pass the course are invited to join the tall ships’ crew as a Two Week volunteer at no additional cost.
Q. I’m already a long time GHHS sailor. Do I need to take this course to be able to volunteer again?
A. No. As a previous volunteer you can return as crew without taking the Recreational Marlinspike course. However the course can be available to you upon request at no cost.

Ready to sign up for Two Weeks Before the Mast and join the crew of Hawaiian Chieftain and Lady Washington? Click HERE to visit our website and get started!