When teachers book a Voyage of Explorers field trip there are a lot of documents they need to sort through. Manifests and our guide to sailing help them prepare for their visit, curriculum documents provide an overview of educational alignment, and daily readings and activities prepare students for lesson on maritime heritage. While these documents are necessary for us to send, teachers told us that receiving them all at once was an overwhelming experience! On the other hand, we have also heard from teachers who did not receive all their pre-visit materials because of technical challenges opening the digital packet of files.

We knew that a change was needed, so we created a solution. Introducing the Teacher Portal, a new permanent page on our website just for teachers, which acts as a repository for all the materials associated with Voyage of Explorers!



Our Teacher Portal can be found on the footer menu at the bottom of every page on our website. In it, teachers will find everything that before came as a single PDF, now split into individual files that can be accessed at their own pace on any device. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in the Portal:

Safety and Insurance information

Does your district require information about GHHS’ vessel certifications? This is where you can find it, along with details about our own liability coverage.

What to wear/bring/expect

Our Guide to Sailing is a handy resource to help you prepare your students for their tall ship visit on sunny and rainy days alike.

In-Class Lesson plans

Our readings, activities, and writing prompts are broken down for you to introduce in the days leading up to your field trip. With multiple documents to choose from, you can give your students as in-depth an introduction to maritime heritage as your classroom need and time allows!


NEW! We have a slideshow of fun and informative videos featuring information covered in Voyage of Explorers. Now you and your students can pursue further research with materials available to them for free online!


Our Voyage of Explorers survey is a critical part of our self evaluation, but the paper version we have always given to teachers forces them to spend their field trip time working on a clipboard instead of monitoring student learning. Now, teachers can access the survey online after their visit, and feedback is automatically compiled for our staff and crew to review.


Little Boy hauling line lady washington sailing education field tripEvery teacher who books Voyage of Explorers will have access to the Teacher Portal via a secure password log in. Content in the portal will change periodically, so you can look forward to coming back to the portal for new materials each year that you book a field trip. We are confident that this new page will be a resource for teachers and students, and allow them to make the most of their tall ship experience!

Do you have questions about the Teacher Portal, or Voyage of Explorers?
Contact Zachary Stocks for details at zstocks@historicalseaport.org.