Did you know that Grays Harbor Historical Seaport’s field trip Voyage of Explorers is designed to be a 5 day experience? Many teachers are surprised to learn that the visit to the tall ships is meant to be the concluding activity of a week long lesson on maritime heritage that begins in their classroom!

Every school that books a Voyage of Explorers field trip receives a FREE copy of our Teacher Packet as part of their program. This packet has been specially designed to introduce students to the wonders of the age of exploration through readings and fun activities –all before your class ever sets foot on deck!

Sometimes teachers choose not to utilize the Teacher Packet, then realize the lessons they provide en
hance students’ onboard experience. We have found time and again that classes who go through the readings and activities of the Teacher Packet are better prepared for ship stations, meaning less time spent teaching vocabulary and more time having fun! Here is an overview of how to make the most of your visit by utilizing the Teacher Packet:

Set a Plan

The Voyage of Explorers Teacher Packet is meant to introduce four daily lessons in the classroom and the fifth day is the visit to the tall ship. The administrative materials in Part A provides an overview of the historical time period presented on Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, and instructions on how to use the daily lessons. Details about printing, supplies, and how to prepare for your field trip are also included in this section.

Choose Your Readings and Activities

Because each classroom has different needs, we’ve structured the daily lessons in Part B to provide multiple readings and activities for teachers to choose from. Educators have the flexibility to determine which Readings, Activities, and Writing Prompts are most useful for their class, based on time, grade level, and available materials. Each of the four daily lessons corresponds to a learning station onboard: Trade, Navigation, Life of a Sailor, and Shanties.

Track Student Success

The final part of the Teacher Packet, Part C, includes Learning Assessments, where students can demonstrate their understanding of these exciting new concepts. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics are included, and each daily lesson comes with a series of reading comprehension questions. In this section you will also find the accompanying Common Core curriculum alignment matrix to examine how each day’s activities and readings meet your state standards for grades 4, 5, and 6.


When do I receive the Teacher Packet?
– At the time of booking your Voyage of Explorers field trip we will send you a zip file containing the full Teacher Packet. If one of your fellow teachers booked the program, they will be the person who received the zip file.
Can you send individual lessons of the Teacher Packet?
– Yes! Once your booking is confirmed, let us know if you would like a specific lesson file sent to you.
Can I order the Teacher Packet without booking a Voyage of Explorers field trip?
– Yes! We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about our maritime history. If a visit to the tall ships is not possible due to funding or distance, contact us to learn about order the Voyage of Explorers Teacher Packet as a standalone.
Is the Teacher Packet available in Spanish?
– Currently our Voyage of Explorers program is available only in English, however we are working hard to explore the possibility of developing a Spanish-language version of this packet to make available for special order.



Questions? Interested in booking a Voyage of Explorers field trip or ordering a standalone Teacher Packet? Email education@historicalseaport.org today!