Hawaiian Chieftain is a living classroom for learning about our seafaring heritage, but for one day in Redwood City this Spring the tall ship will operate as a marine research laboratory! Historical Seaport if partnering with Marine Science Institute to sponsor a Discovery EcoVoyage aboard Hawaiian Chieftain where children and families can participate in citizen science in the San Francisco Bay.

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Marine Science Institute is an environmental education non profit that engages young people in marine stewardship and hands on science. Their team of interpreters leads Discovery EcoVoyages aboard a boat of their own. Participants will rotate through learning stations onboard, participating in hands on activities which highlight the marine life that lives below and the unique sights and sounds of the Bay. Plankton will be collected by nets cast off the deck, which can then be examined under microscopes below deck. And of course, Hawaiian Chieftain’s guests always enjoy a glimpse into the golden age of sail.


The ability to offer this program aboard a tall ship is a rare experience! While Historical Seaport’s education programs are not meant to satisfy classroom science standards, the biology of the oceans is an important part of maritime history. Historical Seaport always seeks out new program ideas to meet the educational needs of students and families across the West Coast. The inclusion of marine biology with maritime history provides a broader opportunity to explore and enjoy our waters.

Sat. March 10th
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
$55.00 adults, $42.00 youth. Only 41 spaces are available!
Boat departs from Port of Redwood City




Do you have an idea for a great program aboard the tall ships Lady Washington or Hawaiian Chieftain? Send them to zstocks@historicalseaport. We’d love to work with you to bring fun experiences to the public at every port we visit!