The rot in Martha’s neck is too much to save her, it’s time she pass her torch to a new Martha.

We’re sorry to scare you, but Lady Washington’s figurehead Martha has turned into a flesh-eating zombie!

Her illness started suddenly with rotten wood that had to be cut out from her neck and filled with epoxy. Not exactly the image we want to greet people when they see the bow of the majestic Lady Washington.

Halloween seems like the right time to ask, would you be willing to cure Martha of her dreaded virus? We are passing the hat for donations to purchase supplies to help paint and mount our “New Martha.” We were able to find a volunteer wood carver (thank you Brekken!), and a donated block of wood, but there will be paint, transportation, and other supplies to purchase. Martha’s zombie disease caught us by surprise!

To give Martha the live-saving anti-zombie antidote, click the red button:

Give Antidote to Zombie Martha


Engineer Eric Ahlvin points out the stackable unit that will fit in HC’s main hold.

Any donations past the $300 goal will go to the other terrifying problem Hawaiian Chieftain is battling – a replacement washer and dryer. Because what is scarier than a bunch of sailors who can’t do laundry?

Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween from your crew at Grays Harbor Historical Seaport!

Sailing forward because of you,



Brandi Bednarik
Executive Director