Hawaiian Chieftain faces her greatest battle yet.

Her adversaries—not the guns of another ship—but the ravages of salt, sun, and time. You may not have seen how badly Chieftain’s age is showing. Navigational instruments that were state-of-the-art when she launched, are now on their last legs. Her sails are so thin they are like tissue paper. Rust is gaining an upper hand on her steel hull. Her beautiful gallows carving, featuring mermaids, has been refinished so many times it is becoming smooth.

On top of the sails and woodwork, her aft cabin windows, shafts and propellers, and electrical system all need TLC that demands action. Here at Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, we take pride in our vessels, in our ability to fix them, and also in our ability to stretch a dollar. As an educational nonprofit, we do not replace things that do not need replacing. We train mariners to sand, paint, patch, whatever is needed to make the vessel shine.

Unfortunately, the ocean yields to no one. Time, salt, and sun have done their work and the majestic Hawaiian Chieftain faces her greatest challenge—will she rise or fall? The answer to that question lies in this organization and our extended tall ship family, which means you!

We are calling “all hands on deck” and announcing PROJECT OVERHAUL.

This project kicks off THIS July 2017 through July 2019, with the aim of restoring Hawaiian Chieftain, making her more beautiful and seaworthy than ever. This overhaul includes a new suit of sails, new lines (ropes), new navigation equipment, a rebuild of her anchor windlass, and needed engineering parts. Her entire hull will be media blasted, and she will be reborn in a brand new color scheme (to be announced)!

We hope all of you who know and love Hawaiian Chieftain will be overjoyed to hear she will be getting of this much-needed attention. With this announcement, we are sounding the drum for shipwrights, welders, woodworkers, volunteers of all stripes, and financial gifts to this effort.

To learn more and receive a full plan of work to be done, costs, and timeline, please review the project summary below, email development@historicalseaport.org or call us at 360-532-8611.

PROJECT OVERHAUL Summary and Budget For External Distribution