A Sea of Life: Great Blue Heron

   The Sea Life You See in a Life at Sea


The Hawaiian Chieftain is currently sailing the Sacramento River, which has allowed crew and passengers alike to enjoy the beauty and diversity of life along California’s largest river before it runs into the sea.Today, we spotlight a creature that loves saltwater and freshwater habitats alike.

Hold your arms out. How long do you think they are? (Hint: on average, a person’s arm span, or length from fingertip to fingertip, is the same as that person’s height.) Now imagine a bird with a 6-foot wing span snuggled right up next to you. That’s a big bird! But it’s not ‘that’ yellow Big Bird, it’s a Great Blue Heron!

Captain Jas of the Hawaiian Chieftain reports that the crew have been seeing these majestic birds daily on the Sacramento River. While often seen patiently stalking prey in the shallow waters of the river, Great Blue herons are also capable of cruising through the air at speeds of 30 miles per hour!

Who would win that race: the Chieftain or the Heron?

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