This fall, we have a list of students who want to go sailing on the tall ships, but lack the funding to do so.

Field trip students

Elementary school students from Grays Harbor County set sail aboard Hawaiian Chieftain.

These classrooms of children, mostly 4th and 5th graders, need only 20 percent of their tuition covered in order to sail, for free, aboard Hawaiian Chieftain or Lady Washington. Click here to send a child sailing and provide incredible education programs aboard Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain.

For this month only, we have the opportunity to get these students booked for the upcoming school year on an incredible high seas educational adventure.

Your gift today will be doubled by funds from private foundations. This means your gift of $35 will send two students sailing instead of one.

You can guarantee that underprivileged schools will experience a day on the water, learning about maritime history in the fresh air. For many students, their trip aboard is their first ever time on the water.

Please, consider giving the gift of the sea to a young person.

You never know what dreams and aspirations you could ignite if you give these kids a chance to experience sailing, and the sea, for the first time.

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Sailing forward because of you,

Brandi Bednarik
Executive Director