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Update: We’ve succeeded! On August 25, we exceeded our goal of $10,000 via our crowdfunding effort. Thanks to everyone who contributed. || This majestic vessel is the state ship of Washington, and a national treasure. Whether you’re a sailor, long time supporter, or have seen the Lady Washington in your hometown or on film, please consider making a donation today. Don’t let the call of the sea fade.

The Need:

As Annaliese shows you in the video, one of the main parts of Lady’s rigging are her “yard arms.” These wooden beams (spars), lie perpendicular to the masts and hold Lady’s sails. They are built from one of our Northwest native trees, Douglas fir. Every time we sail, the crew climbs up in the rigging and leans on these very spars to make ready for sailing. They are a crucial component of the vessel, the Lady can’t sail without them. And unfortunately these spars, which were made in 1997, are beginning to show signs of aging that mean we must replace them as soon as possible, before the point they would become unsafe.

The Goal:

The biggest expense is the wood and the specialized woodworkers, which will cost just under $30,000. The terrific news is that we have already raised nearly $20,000. We are so close to getting Lady what she needs. But there is $10,000 to go. It’s the homestretch, and the Lady Washington needs you.

We can’t stress enough how much any donation will help, so please don’t be deterred from giving if you only have a few dollars to contribute. Every penny will go toward this crucial equipment that enables over 9,000 kids a year to be introduced to tall ships, and the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. Our transformative education programs are also for adults. Our vessels have taught thousands of people to sail, and some have gone on to become captains. Maybe you’re one of them.

The Risk:

If we miss our goal, we won’t be able to construct the needed spars. If we can’t replace these spars before the point at which they would become a safety hazard, the Lady could be stuck at the dock. In the short term, this means huge disappointment for all the 4th and 5th grade classes who have booked months in advance, not to mention the thousands of families that look forward to our visit all year. A longer term docking could have disastrous effects on our small nonprofit.

Please chip in whatever you can today. $2, $5, $8, $15, any amount will be a huge help for the Lady Washington. If we all work together we can take care of this beautiful vessel that has touched each of our lives. Please, make your voice heard, contribute now to keep our seafaring past alive.


Your Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Team
Brandi Bednarik, Executive Director
Alex Kluh, Development Committee Chair