Students aboard Lady WashingtonStudents and schools in Grays Harbor County may be eligible for subsidized or free education programs about one of the Harbor’s two tall ships when it returns to Seaport Landing in September.

In June, 26 students attending schools in the Hoquiam School District spent three hours aboard the brig Lady Washington learning about the exploration of Grays Harbor and the lives of 18th century mariners. The students participated in the Voyage of Explorers program, offered by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport. The session was funded by a $2,000 grant from the Aberdeen-based Goldberg Family Charitable Foundation. Five adults also participated.

The education program was organized by Jamie Dunn, a fourth-grade teacher at Central Elementary School in Hoquiam. Ms. Dunn also runs the Outdoor Excursions program for the district. “The students are visiting local areas around the community to learn more about the area while attending to academic skills such as math, reading, writing, and history,” Ms. Dunn said. “I contacted the [Historical Seaport] and requested a tour on the Lady Washington. The contact person from the Seaport did all the ‘legwork’ for finding the funding and getting us the opportunity to sail.”

Students participated in setting all the sails of the replica Revolutionary War-era vessel, learned about local maritime history, and explored early navigation while cruising their hometown waters on the Chehalis River.

“The students and parents were both very excited for the opportunity,” Ms. Dunn said. “The students expected to just sit and sail while listening to some lecturing; we never anticipated the interactive component of the sailing.”

The program was delivered aboard Lady Washington while the ship was at its home port of Seaport Landing in Aberdeen. The vessel and her companion ship, Hawaiian Chieftain, are now on a tour of Puget Sound ports. Hawaiian Chieftain will offer similar education programs to Grays Harbor-area students Sept. 13-15 after it returns to Seaport Landing.

Educators interested in booking a one-hour dockside or three-hour sailing program aboard Hawaiian Chieftain should contact the Historical Seaport office at 360-532-8611. Scholarships from the Goldberg Family Charitable Foundation may be available to significantly reduce the cost of the program for schools and students. To book a program, check out our Education Programs page and contact Roxie Underwood, 800-200-5239.