When Alex Marts was a junior in high school, he was having a tough time. Like many kids today, Alex was having trouble learning “inside the box” of a traditional classroom environment. He was intelligent; he earned his GED at 16. But Alex was a tactile learner who thrived in a hands-on environment. And he loved to sail.
When the opportunity came to serve as the education officer aboard Hawaiian Chieftain, he jumped at the chance. He understood the importance of hands-on learning, how to connect classroom concepts to real-world activities and through his work, he was able to positively impact the lives of thousands of school children, and in the process his own life as well.

“I had probably one of the most profound experiences of my life,” he says. “It changed my life completely. I did a complete one-eighty.”

That was in 2007. Alex continues to pursue a career on the water. He’s worked as a deck hand for a Seattle marine towing company, and recently recieved his marine engineers license for engines up to 4,000 horsepower.