Shore Support

“Shore support” is our term for the kind people in each port we visit who help us spread the word or facilitate creature comforts for our crews. Support takes several forms, such as serving as a Port Officer, who is a person who works with local media and service organizations, such as Rotary or Kiwanis, to spread the word. Shore support also includes posting flyers, providing access to laundry facilities, offering rides to the grocery store, or hosting a barbecue welcome. Even the smallest gesture can relieve stress and strain on our hardworking sailors.

How Can You Help?

Port Officer

Serving as a Port Officer, a person who lets his or her local community know about the impending arrival of the ships and their education programs. Interested? Email our Communications Director.


Offer a ride. We regularly need vehicles in port for grocery runs, laundry, and visits to the marine supply store. If you can offer a ride or have a vehicle you can loan, let us know.


Spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and especially teachers you know that Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain are coming. If you can post flyers around town, email and request a PDF that you can print.

Promote Volunteering

Talk up volunteering. Download a Two Weeks Before the Mast promo poster (coming soon) and hang it in your local library, coffee shop, or office break room.

Surprise us with treats

Our crews love treats, especially locally-grown, organic fruit and vegetables. Or check out our wishlist for regular household and specialty items that can make the crews’ lives easier.

Supply laundry access

Working with paint and pine tar, our clothes can get really dirty, really fast. If you can help us get to a laundromat, or you live close to where we’re docked and would like to volunteer your washer and dryer, we’d be grateful.

For more information, email or give us a call at 800-200-5239.