Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the ships wheel chair accessible?

A: No, unfortunately, our ships are replicas of historic vessels and are not wheel chair accessible.

Q: Is a ticket necessary for dockside tours while the ships are docked at port?

A: A ticket is not necessary, there is a suggested $5 donation that you pay at the ships.

Q: What is a “Battle Sail”?

A: A Battle Sail is a thrilling three-hour sail in which the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain engage in a sea “battle” with dramatic cannon fire and intricate maneuvering.

Q: What is an “Adventure Sail”?

A: An Adventure Sail is a two-hour or three-hour sail (depending on the port) in which you’re invited (but not required) to participate in the operation of an 18th-century tall ship. You’ll raise sails, take the helm (conditions permitting), hear stories of how ships explored the west coast of North America, and sing a shanty or two.

Q: What is an “Evening Sail?”

A: An Evening Sail is a two-hour sail on Lady Washington or Hawaiian Chieftain. Evening Sail excursions feature the same exciting experiences available during our Adventure Sails, but at a lower price.

Q: What is a “Passage?”

A: A Passage is an authentic tall ship experience on Lady Washington or Hawaiian Chieftain from one port of call to another. Passages may last a few hours or as long as ten days. On longer Passages, you may be assigned a watch and asked to help with ship operations. Meals and a bunk are provided on Passages of five hours or longer.

Q: What should I bring on a Passage?

A: Here’s a downloadable PDF list of items to bring along on your overnight Passage.

Q: What should I bring on a three-hour trip?

A: We’ve put together a guide to sailing in PDF format which is a list of items we recommend you bring on a Battle Sail, Adventure Sail, or other two-hour or three-hour trip.

Q: Why do you charge fees for buying tickets?
A: The Historical Seaport is committed to providing the most extraordinary tall ship experiences possible, including, easy-to-use services for purchasing tickets. We ask our customers to help us reach our goals via low convenience fees. Our fees are: Ticket Operations/Website Sales: 3.5% of the total sale, to our ticketing vendor, Vendini; Refund/Exchange: $5 per ticket; Telephone Order: $5 per ticket; however, you can avoid any fees by visiting the ships during dockside tours and purchasing your tickets aboard. Download and print this form to order tickets by mail.

Q: What is a “Dockside tour”?
A: Our dockside tours are a lot like an open house. You are free to walk around on deck, and we open one compartment on each vessel to give you a sneak peek at below decks. Crew members in 18th century clothing are positioned at points of interest on the vessel to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about the boats and our lives living aboard. The boats are our home, so we can tell you some great stories about life on the high seas if you ask.

Q: How do I buy a ticket?
A: To buy a ticket for one of our sailings, please visit our Public Sails Schedule page and select your date. Or call 1-800-200-5239. Tickets may be purchased at the boats during dockside tours. However, to guarantee your space, we strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance online, by phone at 800-200-5239, or in-person at least 24 hours before sailing time

Q: What is your refund and exchange policy?
A: No refunds for tickets on two or three-hour sailings are allowed less than 72 hours from the departure date and time. For Passages, no refunds are allowed less than 7 days from departure date and time. In the case of extreme circumstances, which must be documented, the Historical Seaport will exchange a ticket for a future sailing, or offer a voucher for a future sailing in the amount of the sale.

If the customer cancels a reservation more than 72 hours from the departure date and time, the Historical Seaport will offer one of three options: 1) exchange the ticket for a future sailing, 2) issue a voucher for a future sailing in the amount of the sale, or 3) offer a full refund less a processing fee.

If the Historical Seaport cancels a sailing due to poor weather, mechanical failure, or other circumstance, we will 1) reschedule you to a future sailing OR 2) offer a voucher for a future sailing in the amount of the sale, OR 3) a full refund.

Q: How do I donate goods and services?
A: The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain welcome all donated goods and services that further our educational and ambassadorial missions. To make a cash donation online, visit our donations page. To learn how to make in-kind donations, please call 800-200-5239.

Q: How do I donate with PayPal?
A: To donate with PayPal, click the donate button below.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Join us! Click the Become a Member button on this page or visit our membership page and discover how easy it is to support the Historical Seaport.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes! GHHS is a designated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Q: How do I arrange an education program?
A: Our education programs are available for K-12 students, home-school groups, senior groups, churches, or service organizations. To schedule a program for your group, visit our education page or call 800-200-5239.

Q: Can I charter a ship for a wedding?
A: Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain are available for weddings, private cruises or charters by your company or organization. Because the vessels are at sea most of the year, we recommend booking several months in advance, if possible, in order to accommodate your schedule. For rates, visit our charters page or call 800-200-5239.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: For information on job opportunities, please visit our employment page.

Q: How can I volunteer on your ships?
A: We welcome volunteers in our Two Weeks Before the Mast program. To learn more, visit our volunteering page or call 800-200-5239.

Q: Do you build ships?
A: We do not build vessels, though we conduct as much maintenance of our ships at our home port of Seaport Landing in Aberdeen, Wash.

Q: How is GHHS financed?
A: More than 95 percent of the Historical Seaport’s annual operating budget is financed by ticket sales, tax-deductible donations, and private grants. GHHSA receives no significant tax revenue from Grays Harbor residents. Over the years, GHHSA has received small federal grants for one-time programs and other grants financed by county lodging tax revenue (paid almost exclusively by visitors, not residents). For example, two lodging tax grants in 2014 funded a brochure distributed by our ships intended to promote the Harbor as a tourist destination.