Our crews are tight-knit communities of professional and volunteer mariners who come together to maintain and sail Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. They are bright, skilled and hilarious, and many of them got their start in our Two Weeks Before the Mast volunteer program. If you’d like to join our crew, check out our Jobs and Volunteering pages.

Hawaiian Chieftain crew, January 2017

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Lady Washington crew, December 2017

Hawaiian Chieftain crew


Our wonderful staff and board members do the behind-the-scenes work to keep our vessels sailing. To learn more about contributing your time to our efforts, please contact us.


Brandi discovered a love for non-profit work when she joined the Seaport. Her background is mostly in the private sector of construction finance and management. Brandi believes strongly in our mission and in providing opportunities for education and maritime career growth.
Brandi is a local Harborite, who currently resides in Montesano with her family. She attended Aberdeen High School before getting an Associate’s degree at Grays Harbor Community College.


Mikayla was born and raised in Grays Harbor County. She resides in Aberdeen where she has the joy of raising her own little family. Mikayla is proud to be a Pacific Northwesterner with her love for anything outdoors, rain or shine; because we all know it rains a lot in Grays Harbor. She loves mountain climbing, hiking with her family, hunting, fishing, you name it. Outdoors and family are her passions. Mikayla recently joined GHHSA in September 2016 as our Bookkeeper. She looks forward to being a part of this organization’s future. It warms her heart to provide educational programs that not only teach children a piece of history, but create memories they can cherish and share with others.


Zachary Stocks is an enthusiastic history ambassador. A Virginian, he nurtured an early interest in American history through visits to historic sites and landmarks. Zachary pursued this interest professionally at William & Mary, receiving a degree in History, and later a graduate degree in Museology from the University of Washington. His work has focused on interpretative programming, community outreach, and education in informal learning environments. Zachary has held positions with Colonial Williamsburg, Smithsonian Institution, National Parks Service, and Northwest African American Museum. Although he is new to the maritime world, Zachary is a fierce advocate for the preservation of our shared heritage and an evangelist for history education.


Fern is a resident of Montesano, WA. She has a background in Banking, having served as a teller and Credit Card Specialist for the last 8 years. She’s very happily married to her high school sweetie and has been blessed with 2 daughters and 2 incredible son-in-law’s and 5 precious grandchildren!  Her main position here at the Seaport, as the Education Program Coordinator,  brings her much joy as she loves talking to the different teachers and hearing their enthusiasm taking their classes out for education dockside or sail programs. She feels it is very important to educate the young people the history of Tall Ship Sailing, and the efforts to keep it alive for all generations!


Scott enjoys being part of the Historical Seaport and loves making one-of- a-kind woodwork for the ships. One of Scott’s favorite parts of his job is the tight-knit family community that we have at the Seaport. He is also inspired by taking kids sailing and our maritime training program.

Scott is a devoted family man. During his time off he can be found spending time with them. He has been part of the Twin Harbors for almost 40 years. He looks forward to being part of the Seaport Landing Development.


Michael has sailed with the Historical Seaport since he crewed on the Lady Washington’s 2008 Caribbean voyage. In 2017, he accepted  the role of Senior Captain to provide better training for the crews and logistical support for the vessels. His long term goals include being the mastermind behind Haunted Seaport, a Hawaii Pacific trading voyage, scholarships for upcoming GHHS mates to experience on other vessels, and the addition of a third GHHS tall ship.

Fact or fiction, as Michael tells it, he learned to shave by watching Masaai warriors sharpen their spear tips and later perfected the art of flensing mollusks using only dental floss. Years afterwards, he availed himself (along with his trusted bonobo, Maubry) to the monks of Himalayan Tibet, following their success in leading the Battle of the Great Basmati Penguins. Michael eagerly awaits guests arriving onboard and has restocked his disguise kit in case the penguins still hold a grudge.


Dave Douglass Board Chair
Al Carter Vice-Chair
Tim Howden Treasurer
Laura Pilgrim-Rust Secretary
David Cottrell
Roberta Myers
Alex Kluh
Scott Reynvaan
Tawni Andrews