The Sea Is Calling

You’ve always wanted to stand on the deck of a real tall ship. You’ve seen them in the movies. Your friends have told you about them. Your kids and grandkids want to go. Now’s your chance to make your dream come true!

Sail on the tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain.


Lady Washington is currently in:

Morro Bay, California

Hawaiian Chieftain is currently in:

Sacramento, California

A Sea of Life: Humpback Whale

Meet Giant Singers of the Seas: Humpback Whales Photo Credit to Crew Member Tylor Robison The Lady Washington has had amazing companions the past weeks in Moss Landing: humpback whales, California sea lions, and swarms of fish. These three appearances are closely...

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Each year we engage more than 9,000 students in our “Voyage of Explorers: Nations Connecting Through Trade” program on Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. Our experiential program provides inquiry-based lessons on-board the ships as well as pre- post-visit activities available on the website. Voyage of Explorers curriculum meets common core state standards for grades 4-7 and can be tailored to the needs and interests of any age group, including adults.


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